Gravity Games 2012

Ngoài trời

Project Description

Concept, production & organization by VietClimb. Our vision was to promote and raise awareness about new talents in Vietnam and support the development of the nascent urban sports around shared values. We provided a fun and stunning event to the youth of Hanoi, which is still at the top of the "X-Games" events even 3 years later, according Mr. Tuan, vice-director of the community event of the Hanoi Sport Department. 350 participants shared their hard work and dedication for their passion with an enthusiastic public of 3,000 visitors. This festival featured skateboard (LB Skateshop), BMX (Duc Ken), in-line skating (Tran Quang Linh), bouldering, breakdancing (Milky Way Crew), parkour (Joker Team), freestyle soccer (ATW and TNT), T’ui shou (Dung & Manu), graffiti jam (Sam Murdoch, Knee Jerk, S5INK, Gypsy Doodlers), trial (Ngo Minh Tu) and music with the internationally-recognized Tha Trickaz. Supported by the Hanoi Sport Department, Gameloft, Ginkgo t-shirts, Comin Asia, Family Medical Practice, Rising Dragon Hotel. Covered by AVG, VTV3, VTC, Kenh 14, iONE, The Thao Van Hoa, Dan Tri.